Video Favorites

Welcome to my fun page where I will rotate videos of great dancing.

This first video is Angeles Chanaha  and Michael Nadtochi.   I love watching her long legs reaching out so far, and such beautiful footwork.  I hope to have the opportunity to dance with her one of these days!


Gustavo and Giselle bring up the question; does it get any better than this?

Michelle and Joachim in a beautiful study of back sacadas and so much more.

  Mariano Chico Frumboli and Eugenia Parilla dance a luscious, sexy tango to Narcotango's  "Plano Secuncia"


 Geraldine Rojas y Javier Rodriguez in their interpretation of "Gallo Ciego".

The next video is of Gavito and Marcela Duran and is a magnificant performance by two of tangos legendary dancers.  I am happy to say that I have taken class from one, and had the opportunity to dance with the other. 

A beautiful example of technique, footwork and musicality by Lorena Ermocida and Fabian Peralta

A Nuevo tango by Sebastian y Marianna

Here is another of Sebastian and Mariana.

And another by Sebastian and Mariana, think I like them?

Two of my favorite dancers, Fernanda and Guillermo in a couple of beautiful dances.



 The third video is Roberto Herrera and Silvana Capra in a very sensual version of La Cumparsita.

Libertango dancers in a beautiful interpretation of a Piazzolla favorite.


Next is an excellent example of the ladie's footwork by Liz Bayley.  Ladies please note her collection with a flexed working foot and the fact that the heels of her shoes almost never touch the floor, and never with any weight. 
And finally a BBC production about the tango that is the best I have ever seen!  Great stories, beautiful dancing.  Enjoy it.