Tango Health Benefits

Tango Health Benefits

There has been a growing interest in the benefits of Argentine tango as more than just a pleasant social event with mild physical benefits.  There are many studies done and ongoing that look into the effects of Argentine tango with people suffering from Parkinson's disease and dementia, as well as studies of the physical benefits of improving balance and mobility in older persons, thus lessening injuries from falls.  Other studies are looking into the change of brain waves similar to meditation as a way to relieve stress and depression.  There are a multitude of reasons why the Argentine tango has serendipitously stumbled into having unique elements that make it beneficial in so many ways. Following are links to some studies that will explore these benefits. 
This is a link to an article in USA Today that outlines a study presented to the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience that took place at McGill University in Montreal.
This link takes you to a more detailed and expansive look at the study at McGill University.
A study on the effects of Argentine  tango as a form of partnered dance for those with Parkinson Disease and the healthy elderly. 
A paper from NYU comparing other ballroom dancing to Argentine tango for benefits for Parkinson's patients as well as healthy individuals.
A brief abstract from the National Institutes of Health on a study from Australia comparing Argentine tango to meditation for help with depression, stress and anxiety.

Along with the physical benefits, dancing makes you smarter!!! 
A study of EEG brain waves and changes that occur in Argentine tango dancers.
A masters' theses from Columbia College Chicago's Dance Therapy and Counseling Department utilizing Argentine tango.
A study measuring skin conductance and saliva tests to measure exertion and hormonal changes.

Feeling blue? Then try the tango: Scientists claim that the dance helps rid depression, anxiety and stress

In a study published in the journal Music and Medicine, academics in Australia have shown that dancing the tango has significant health benefits for people experiencing mood disorders.

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21 December 2013

I came across a new study concerning the addictive qualities of Argentine tango.  I find it validation, as I have been saying for years that I am addicted to tango and now I have the proof.


 Here is a very in depth study concerning the transference  of electromagnetic energy between people.  Not a tango specific study but very applicable.