Friday, February 25, 2011

Tango Ballet

What is Tango Ballet?  As I mentioned before, my training was in classical ballet and when I started learning the Argentine tango I immediately saw the similarities in techniques required to execute the tango properly.  As I studied Argentine tango, I realized that the approach of teaching the tango is obviously on how two people dance together.   As the Argentine tango is a dance that puts a great deal of responsibility on the individual dancer, there needs to be training that focuses on how the individual should move to be both technically sound and aesthetically appealing.  That is the mission of Tango Ballet.

Ballet is the vocabulary of how a body moves.  But do you really need the entire Websters dictionary?  Not really.  The class is basically a beginning class that teaches the techniques that apply to a person in the context of social dancing, and omits elements that are not necessary.  For example, port de bras, or arm movements.  In the context of social dancing it is basically taught as watch me and do the same.  In ballet there is a whole repetoire of movements and exercises to learn how to move your arms gracefully and in a way to complement the movements of the body.  And then there are the feet.

All dancing starts with the feet.  In every moment of the dance, the feet are involved.  No other part of the body is more important, and yet in the context of classes, no part of the body is more neglected.  An awareness of  your feet and what they are doing is essential to becoming a good dancer. 

So if you are interested in improving your arms, feet, posture and balance, give Tango Ballet a try.